what's in a name

We have coined a few nicknames / honorary names over the last few days (and a few I'm going to make up right now).  Here goes:
Andy:  "Hero"  Andy is the only one with a cheering section!  His fans have lined the roads on a few occasions.  And a thank you goes out to his family for being there too.  ;o)

Paul:  "Run Forrest"  Paul gets better every day.  I think if we crossed the continent he would eventually leave us all behind.  It's not an ocean Paul!

Mike:  "Rocky"  Mike has been the most aggressive ride attacking the hills with a vengeance. 

Mark:  "Fight Club"  Mark took us all to the local Irish pub in Princeton for my birthday to watch more UFC than I have seen in my whole life. 

Wayman:  "BIG RING"

Wayman's front derailleur broke on the way to Manning Park.  This means he is stuck in his hardest front gear.  He has ridden since then virtually entirely in his big ring. 

Tanya:  "Rules are made to be Broken"  Ask Tanya, maybe she'll enlighten you.