From Tanya...

Thanks Carl! Ok rules don't have to be made to be broken...But.... :)
This has been a great experience! Although the guys have been looking a bit beat up, exhausted and ready for a sleep at 7 am (when we are hitting the road), I've watched them get on their bikes as I jump in my car (and feel tired for sitting in the car all day...haha) and I am so happy we all did this.

Rules Are made to be broken, and these guys demonstrate that with their tenacity in doing this difficult ride. They could have been sitting down all week on a computer, but they broke out, to do something noticeable, and challenging.

Now that's breaking the rules, and thumbs up boys, your work raised Bulembu close to (to date) $20 Thousand dollars, and brought attention to this very worthwhile cause. Good on you!