The Tire Change (and a snippet of cycling history)

I  wish we had a photo of Paul with his collection of flat tubes around his neck from the last Squamish ride I did with the group. It looked like he had the full Indiana Jones pit of snakes around his neck. The Squamish highway is well known for its sharp rocks and potential to cause bad tire flats for cyclists. When Paul flatted I had my first opportunity to pass on my knowledge of how to efficiently repair a flat tire. Paul assisted by demonstrating what happens if you do things wrong (sorry Paul), with great educational results for the rest, and a nice loooong roadside break. I understand Wayman had a quick tire change when he flatted some days later, so thanks to Paul for the demonstration.

The riders will certainly be changing some flat tires on the ride to Kelowna, but our challenges will be only the smallest inconvenience when compared to what the children and others in Bulembu face. So we’re up for it!

Below is a photo of our last training ride – we each decided to carry one of Paul’s tires around our neck :o) Actually, this is how riders used to carry their spare tires. The smoking (yes, that’s what they are doing in the photo), I understand, was thought to “open up” the lungs for the long climbs.

Thanks for reading.