Rider - Paul

Paul (or Puca as his friends at home call him) recently moved to Canada from Ireland. No stranger to challenges, Paul once rowed a boat across the Atlantic. Yeah...you read that right! Check out his book - "Crossing the Swell". Not to mention riding his bike across Australia!

In Paul's words: 

Info about me ....I have always liked to take on challenges and I know this cycle will be a big challenge for all of us. It is an opportunity to once again don my ridiculous pair of cycling shorts (that I intend to wear every day of the cycle)...they are proper cycling shorts but they look like stain washed jeans from the 80's complete with pockets and belt painted onto the shorts....dodgy out!

My personal goal for this trip is to get to Kelowna with no broken bones, ensure that we all make it and raise as much money as we can for Bulembu. It is an incredible cause that is changing the lives of many people much less fortunate than me or you so please do give what you can. For me, knowing that our efforts are going to help others will keep me going up what I've been told are some long and steep hills!