Rider - Andy

My cycling experience has been limited to commuting to work and back on and off over the last several years. Up until a couple months ago I never rode my bike for more than a half an hour at a time.

My current situation doesn’t let me ride to work- I have to take my 2 boys to daycare, so I’ve taken this opportunity to get back on my bike, get back in shape, and help some people in dire need all at the same time.

Some may call me crazy but I need something extreme like this to keep me motivated and focused.

Since I’ve started training I’ve ridden from Vancouver to Harrison; Courtenay up to (almost) the top of Mount Washington (I turned around when a Big Black bear crossed the road just ahead of me); and several rides up Mount Seymour and various other routes around town.

So far on my rides I’ve seen 1 Bear; a few deer; several raccoons and skunks and 2 chipmunks. I’m no stranger to bears- I grew up in the Yukon and I like bears but I don’t want to see any more bears please and thank you!