Some words from Wayman

Now looking back on the experience (I am sitting at my desk with an icepack on my strained Achilles) I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to take 4 days out of what is normally a fairly busy schedule and focus on a goal that was specific and proved with effort to be achievable. It is rare opportunity to be able to be singularly focused towards a specific goal and for a short time to be able to set everything else aside. The goal was accomplished, the Team incredible, supportive and fun to be with. We raised a worthwhile level of support, introduced many new people to Bulembu in the process, were embraced and supported by the staff at Nicola Wealth, and, most importantly provided encouragement and support to Bulembu and all the recipients in Swaziland who will benefit from this small group who decided to take the long route to Kelowna.

Highlights for me as I look back - the nightly massages that were booked for the end of each day's ride - Thanks Steph! The care package including multiple notes written for me each day - Thanks Amanda! Riding with a world class cyclist (Carl) and benefiting from his expertise, supplies and extra support on those steep hills. Thanks Carl! The incredible scenery especially the Old Highway to Hedley, the ride down the hill into Osoyoos, and the eastside of Skaha Lake. Thanks God for letting us experience a part of your creation! Cycling a portion of the Ironman route with world class athletes that are truly inspiring. Gratitude for good health to be able to finish the 550 kms with a smile and think about upgrading my bike and planning the next ride.