Talk to me Goose!! (by Paul)

Last week I went into a bike shop to have my bike serviced and pick up some spare bits and bobs for the trip. The mechanic in the shop who had previously serviced my bike a few months ago remembered my bike (which is called a Mongoose) and warmly greeted him as “the goose” when he saw me coming with him. Goose and I have had many long days together, here in Canada, in Ireland and in Australia. He’s getting on in years now (not unlike myself) and he has a few creeks in him but I know he’ll be grand for this trip. It’s Maverick I’d be more concerned about but I think between the two of them, they should be fine!!

As I write this, its T minus 5 days to go, I’m really looking forward to getting going now, picked up a few last minute things today, got an extra pair of shorts which I tested out for an hour or so this evening - all good, they’re not quite as ridiculous looking as the jean pair I have but they’ll do the job.

We’ve all trained quite hard for this trip so I know all this hard work will help us all enjoy the long days in the saddle that much more. I’ve actually done more training for this cycle than for the one I did across Australia a few years ago. Can’t wait to hit the open road now and get going………