Day 3

We had a hard day yesterday, a lot of very long hills...and I mean very long. The guys kept on it and it all went well. Well, a few little adventures, and the guys will be posting in their own words soon. We didn't have wireless access but are back on now, and about to head out for day three.  Here is today's route.

Oh - Item Of Note.  The route had been changed due to the Iron Man happening in the Interior. The guys are now cycling 550 Kilometers!!  I'm pretty sure Mark is still in denial.

                                          Route - Day 3

                               Here are pictures from yesterdays ride:

Rebbecca with the Roadside Assistance Team.
We high-tailed it pretty quick when we saw a black bear 30 feet away!

They summitted two mountains yesterday.  Long, long day.
There is talk of sore and stiff bodies, but all in all everyone is keeping in good spirits! 

Any South Park fans out there? Tanya and Carl in Princeton....yes we did go there this morning for breakfast, and yes it was closed :)